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In such unprecedented times where businesses and people are impacted by deadly and contagious diseases, Hyklean responds to the current global pandemic by providing groundbreaking sanitizing and cleaning solutions. Our cleaning crew uses EPA-registered disinfectants and they adhere to the strict germ cleaning protocol.

All areas are deep cleaned by our trained cleaning professionals wearing sterile disposable overalls, hats, masks, gloves, and protective footwear. Our ultimate goal is to provide the most consistent service to our clients even in the event of a crisis with proper preparation through planning, staffing, training, contingency plans, updating cleaning protocol according to CDC, and excellent communication between our office and our clients and employees.

How We Prepare And Execute Our Cleaning Plan For Virus Cleaning?

  • Keenly monitor virus updates from local, state, and federal organizations.
  • Our cleaning team communicates new policies, and new cleaning protocols to clients and employees as necessary.
  • Daily check inventories and order a surplus of supplies needed to mitigate the virus.
  • We set up a communication pipeline to keep all team members informed & for the workforce to contact if an issue arises.
  • We educate staff on basic hygiene issues and ways to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Managers and supervisors notify staff of hazards and CDC guidelines for prevention techniques for the virus. Implement in cleaning curriculum as necessary.
  • Provide updated cleaning schedules and checklists to inform the workforce.
  • Our team swiftly communicates to clients about any changes regarding the cleaning program or staffing.
  • Perform regular inspections while the workforce is working to ensure proper cleaning guidelines are being followed.

Why Choose Hyklean Cleaning Service?

Professional virus sanitization is not something that most offices or homeowners undertake each day. Such a service is beneficial only if you are concerned that recently someone at your home or office is exposed to dangerous viruses or if your loved ones are constantly getting sick.

Step aside and allow our experienced virus sanitizing team to make sure that each surface is disinfected and sanitized. Businesses can’t afford to be careless when it comes to hygiene. Sometimes working from home would be suitable in certain situations but not always. For your employees working outside their homes, our virus sanitizing service ensures your premises are safe as possible.

Our top-class sanitization technicians are trained to clean and get rid of all kinds of organic loads and even gross soiling. After that, they disinfect or sanitize as required. We follow the guidelines set up by the EPA, CDC, WHO, FDA, and other regulatory authorities.

Here Is A List Of Facilities We Sanitize

  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Apartments
  • Schools
  • Retirement Homes
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Churches
  • Banks
  • Sports Facilities
  • Car Dealerships
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Medical Offices
  • Government Offices
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Daycares
  • Bars

Hyklean is the trusted leader in sanitizing and cleaning services. Our professionals disinfect and sanitize your business or home as per the protocols set by the CDC. Also, our values are deeply rooted in safety, community, consciousness, efficiency, and cleanliness. Our goal is to provide businesses and families with peace of mind and allow people to live healthy lives.

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