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The best gym centers look clean and smell great. This creates an inviting experience for existing and new members. Allow your members to spend time focusing on their health rather than getting concerned about whether the environment around them is clean.

With the fitness cleaning services of Hyklean, you can help to create a healthy, clean and welcoming environment. We understand the importance of keeping all the areas of your gym and fitness center clean to the highest standards. When it concerns cleanliness, it is not only important for club members but even for your internal staff too. We help them to have the positive experience that they deserve.

Additionally, we would help you to get rid of dirt and bacteria from the toilet, changing rooms, showers, and all other areas of the fitness center. Most importantly, we work around your schedule and our cleaning operatives would work at the time suitable for you.

Reducing Risk

Humid environments like sinks, showers, wet towels, and saunas promote fungal and bacterial growth. So, this would lead to odor and risk of infection, thereby putting the whole fitness center business at risk.

At Hyklean, we follow thorough cleaning protocols. We use color-coded microfiber towels and environment-friendly disinfectants along with mop pads to efficiently clean floors, surfaces, locker rooms, and restrooms.

Our gym cleaning services consist of –

  • Vaccum, sweeping, and mopping of all tiles and hard floors.
  • Thorough cleaning of all gym equipment and weights.
  • Janitorial cleaning services for sauna, bathroom, changing room areas, etc.

Cleaning Technology & High Standards

When it comes to proper janitorial services, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards. For us, cleaning is more about making any premise look good and is more about making sure of the safety and health of any person that enters.

That is the main reason why we embrace the current technology that raises the bar for sanitation services. We utilize our expansive janitorial knowledge and training along with advanced hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and advanced dirt removal technology solutions to provide the best possible results.

Benefits Of Hyklean Gym Cleaning Services

Dedicated Team

Making your employees come early or stay late to do the cleaning of your gym won’t be nice and it would affect the focus on their work. With our cleaning team, your employees can concentrate on their work and provide maximum results.

Cleaning As Per Your Schedule

Cleaning in fitness centers is best done after or before business hours. So, this leaves the machines, floor, and areas open as well as available for your gym members. We perform the cleaning and janitorial services as per your schedule.

Regular & Thorough Cleaning

As our cleaning team comes daily or weekly basis, you can ensure that your gym will be sparkling and shining. Our green-cleaning techniques will kill all the germs and make your members and employees healthy.

Healthier Employee & Gym Members

Any public area can be the breeding ground for viruses and germs, and this includes gyms. Early morning exercising leaves people more vulnerable to infections. So, keeping your fitness center clean right at the beginning of the day is absolutely important.

Get rid of flu and illness from spreading to your gym members and staff with the best green cleaning services. Our professional janitorial and gym cleaning services will ensure that the whole floor, equipment, and other high-touch areas of your fitness space remain spotless and sparkling.

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