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As you know renovations and construction are messy. These projects involve both installation and demolition, leaving behind unused materials and scraps. So, you are left with end results that are different from what you envisioned.

Construction cleaning is not simply a matter of cleaning dust. It involves knowing how to easily dispose of hazardous materials, how to polish and clean brand-new walls and flooring, addressing safety issues like leaks and loose wires, etc.

The construction cleaning services of Hyklean make sure that your facility shines, from ceiling to floor. For reducing the drywall and construction dust and increasing cleaning, we pay attention to fine details like horizontal ledges, trims, light fixtures, baseboards, etc.

Benefits Of Hiring A Construction Cleaning Service

Trustworthy Cleaning Service

When you choose an experienced cleaning service provider, your premises end up being thoroughly clean and free from all kinds of debris. Most importantly, you can concentrate on another major task at hand as the trained cleaning experts would handle all the cleaning needs.

Reducing Risk & Accidents

Sometimes during and after construction, certain materials and debris would be left behind. These sharp items can lead to huge safety concerns for your employees. The cleaning experts of a construction cleaning company have relevant knowledge and experience to dump them safely and efficiently. Along with that, we make sure to clean the whole construction site without damaging the new workplace.

Knowledge About Rules & Regulations

Do you think disposal of trash is easy? Well, it is not, as you can’t just discard wastes into any given trash can. One must follow the correct rules and procedures to ensure the proper disposal of the junk; if you have the assistance of a cleaning company, you are less likely to get in trouble with the law and won’t receive any hefty fines.

Saves Time

Rather than wasting your and your employees’ time in searching for environment-friendly products and materials, you can allocate this task to an expert construction cleaning company. When you have a cleaning company on board, it is guaranteed that the clean-up would be effective and efficient. So, you and your employees can spend time doing productive work.

Why Choose Hyklean Construction Cleaning Service?

Our cleaning staff takes pride in the work they do. Not only do they provide a wide selection of construction cleaning services, but also they make sure all solutions are effective, safe, and eco-friendly.

Additionally, our green cleaning services won’t leave any hazardous chemicals behind. When you work with us, you end up getting the best. So, whether you require one-time or frequent construction cleanup, our cleaning experts are happy to provide and that too on your schedule.

Our construction cleaning services consist of –

  • Steam cleaning, pressure washing, and all kinds of wall cleaning.
  • Scrubbing floors and machine mopping and sweeping.
  • Raw materials removal and wiping of all shelves.
  • Heavy dust and stain removal as well as window cleaning.
  • Cleaning the common areas.
  • Removal of all debris and leftover materials.
  • Carpet steam cleaning.
  • Wiping of lights, fans, and similar electrical appliances

By hiring us, you get a professional cleaning team as a part of your construction project. So, you can spare yourself from the efforts involved and the hassle of cleaning up after renovation. We provide a customized quote based on the project, so you end up paying only for what you require.

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