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Hyklean knows how much necessary it is to keep your facilities clean. Our day porter cleaning services can be effective for those facilities having heavy traffic and high occupancy. We take pride to make sure your premises are maintained at the highest level of cleanliness.

Our day porters will address many incidentals that happen during the working hours without you having to think about them. We have a uniformed team of professionals that are courteous and friendly to patrons and tenants of your facility.

Hygienic & Spotless Day Porter Cleaning Services

We provide the best day porter cleaning services to keep your premises orderly and neat throughout the day; this allows your premises to focus on their core business. We will visit your facilities to find out your needs and create a customized day porter cleaning package that fits your budget.

Benefits Of Day Porter Cleaning Services

Sometimes a day porter cleaning service might seem to be like an unwanted luxury, but it does critical functions for huge and busy facilities.

Keeping Your Facility Clean

When it comes to cleanliness, you have to make sure that your facility is tidy. A cleaner facility is healthier, safer, and provides the best first impression to visitors.

Keeping Your Facility Safe

A safe facility allows employees to quickly respond to spills and other kinds of mess that can be hazards to them and customers. Also, day porters do other light maintenance work like responding to unsafe conditions and changing light bulbs.

Good Customer Service

Sometimes deliveries lead to disruptions. However, a day porter staff will coordinate and direct deliveries. This helps every one to get more time in focusing on their work. Frankly, a good day porter can provide concierge-level customer service.

Customized Services

Not all commercial facilities are the same. That means different buildings have different needs. Day porters provide customized services specific to such facilities.

Why Should You Hire Hyklean Day Porter Cleaning Service?

When it concerns the maintenance of your commercial property or facility, it must be hassle-free and easy. You need to trust a first-class day porter service provider like us. With us, you get a team that is courteous, prompt, and professional.

Our dedicated cleaning and day porter team will work during business hours to provide the necessary support to your premises. By targeting high touch points and traffic areas, they would stop the spreading of dangerous diseases and keep stakeholders healthy. Also, maintaining a safe environment encourages staff to get back or stay back at work during any virus outbreak or flu season.

Day Porter Services Provided By Us

  • Collect trash from landscape and hardscape areas.
  • Clean mullions of windows and trash enclosures.
  • Remove stains and spills from many surfaces.
  • Clean sidewalks and restrooms.
  • Make note of the required and important repairs.
  • Thorough cleaning of lounge areas, conference rooms, public spaces, etc.
  • Provide 24/7 response to all kinds of emergencies.

Small issues today can become costly problems tomorrow. Our day porter services can easily identify any issues that have to be addressed, thereby saving your money and time.

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